SANACO recognizes government as one of the main stakeholders in the development of cooperatives in the country and is currently engaging government into formalizing relationship that seeks to enhance the development of South Africans through the utilization of cooperatives as a model of enterprise many can easily associate with. This will involve amongst others implementing programmes/activities aimed at realizing some of our objectives; 

The following are our objectives found in section 5 of our constitution:

*To advance and empower all member cooperatives and their business
*To engage  and lobby all organs of state, the private sector and stakeholders on behalf of its members,
*To play any other deemed to be of an Apex Cooperative Movement of South Africa to advance the development of cooperatives
*As an apex it shall act as the mouthpiece of its members in connection with any matter of mutual  interest to its members and the cooperative movement in general
*To represent the interests of the members within the sector and region they function within;
*To facilitate education and training to its members and the cooperative in general
*Strive to establish an audit fund to assist member co-operatives to have their co-operatives audited in particular those that are unable to afford the cost of auditing
*To represent the cooperative movement of South Africa in the continent and Internationally
*Strive to advance the principles of cooperatives as outline in the Co-operative Act of the Republic of South Africa
*To cooperate and /or collaborate with other formations in building the South African economy through co-operatives
*To establish a development Trust that  will mobilize resources for the benefit of SANACO, member cooperative and their businesses in particular and the cooperative movement of South Africa in general