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The South African National Apex cooperative (SANACO) is an important leading organisation that can help the cooperatives to promote local economic development throughout the country because they stay closer to both government and cooperatives themselves. SANACO engages various stakeholders through debates, discussions, workshops and meetings on matters of economic and social development of the country.


As SANACO is the only Apex cooperative in South Africa , we are also the only International Cooperative Alliance members – ICA, this accreditation has given us the platform to lead the SADC Cooperative movement. We are now looking forward to participate in the ICA Africa Elections


The SADC Cooperatives Movement was launched by the Dti, at the DBSA in July 2011, Countries that attended the formation were Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe etc. Our President Honorable Bale Lawrence was elected as the President of the SADC Cooperative movement.


In 2013 SANACO in partnership with the Dti, Hosted the Leadership of International BRICS Cooperative movements, this was the first BRICS Cooperatives meeting, which was help in Cape town. SANACO signed MOU’s with China and India to fast track the development of cooperatives in South Africa


Sanaco has been participating and adding much needed value in Policy development and advancement of cooperatives development in South Africa through NEDLAC since 2011, we are making sure the policies that are signed off directly benefit our members.

Our Roles

What are the Roles of SANACO
SANACO Where Cooperatives Come together

SANACO play a crucial role in educating and training all the cooperatives members.

SANACO has the responsibility to turn communities around through the generation of economic and social development.

SANACO should assist the cooperatives to be united in search of excellence, effective delivery, good governance, professionalism, accountability, equity and effective administration.

SANACO is a champion of the cooperatives it guides them to be visionary, competent and caring.

  • Participate in Nedlac #1

    We serve in Nedlac to futher the Cooperatives Vision and Mission

  • Provide Training & Support#2

    We provide training to Cooperative through the SETA's and Productivity SA


    We lobby Government and its agencies to provide more support to cooperatives

  • Cooperative Linkage #4

    We provide market linkages for our members to access local and international markets


Our Dynamic Leaders
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Mr. Lawrence Bale

Hounarable President
Mr. Bale has been in the Cooperative Movement since 2002, leading and paving a way forward for all Cooperatives to achieve their goals and Aspirations
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Mr. Muzi Phewa

Deputy President
Our Deputy President has extensive knowledge and experience with cooperative development and his passion drives us to succeed.
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Mr. Thulane Mabuza

Secretary General
Mr. Mabuza is very passionate about cooperatives and a true leader.
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Ms. Mamsie Fakude

Deputy Secretary General
Our Deputy Secretary from Mpumalanga
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Ms. Nomnikelo Magadla

Treasurer from the Eastern Cape
Our Treasurer
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Ms.Tepsy Ntseoane

General Manager
Dynamic Leader of the Management team of Sanaco, Focusing on the strengths of Sanaco to fast track progress

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